Setup SecurityBot

Setting up SecurityBot for the first time

Just got your first SecurityBot subscription, but don't know to set it up? This quick start guide will get your community protected, regardless of your technical skills. If you're looking for an in-depth guide of every SecurityBot setting, check out our Settings deep dive.

SecurityBot Quick-Start: 5 Minutes or Less

1. Invite SecurityBot to your server

In our official support server, you will find two invite links. One that grants SecurityBot administrator permissions, and one that does not. Pick the invite that fits your needs the best, and invite the bot to your server!

Important! Without administrator permissions, the channel locks feature will not work, and SecurityBot will require some more setup. All other features will work as expected with or without administrator permissions.

2. Move the SecurityBot role

Move the newly created SecurityBot role to the top of the role list.

Why do I need to do this? Discord has a role hierarchy, based on the server role list. Members, or bots, with permissions to modify other members (change nicknames, assign roles, kick/ban, etc.) can only do it to members with a lower highest role. If the SecurityBot role is not at the top of the role list, SecurityBot won't work!

In order to modify the role hierarchy, go to Server Settings -> Roles and click and drag the SecurityBot role to the top of the list.

3. Add SecurityBot to Private Channels

If your server has any private channels, you must make sure to add the SecurityBot role to all of them.

If SecurityBot has administrator permissions, you can skip this step!

Why do I need to do this? Without adding SecurityBot to all private channels, SecurityBot cannot read or send messages in those channels. SecurityBot wouldn't even be able to see the scam occurring, much less prevent it!

4. Setup SecurityBot logs

Create a new channel, or use an existing one, for SecurityBot to send activity logs. This is how you'll keep track of any malicious activity happening in your community, and punish scammers accordingly. This channel should only be visible to your staff team, but don't worry if you make a mistake, only staff can interact with SecurityBot logs!

To assign a channel to be the SecurityBot log channel, type the command:

/settings logs [channel]

Don't worry about where you send the command, only you will be able to see the response!

5. Block Names and Allow Addresses

By default, SecurityBot will block all Cardano and ETH addresses, and even ADA handles! In order to allow specific addresses or handles - Important project wallets - to be sent, use the commands /allow_address [address]or /allow_handle [ADA handle]. Similarly, SecurityBot will only block names that you've specified! In order to prevent impersonation of your staff or important community members, use the command /block_nick [nickname].

You can use the command /view_all to view everything you've blocked or allowed!

Congrats, you're officially protected by SecurityBot! We've only scratched the surface on the capabilities of SecurityBot! There is so much more you can do to protect your community against scams and scammers. Keep reading to learn more!

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