Reserved Tags

A Discriminator in Discord, often called a "tag", is the 4 digit number following a # that is often used to identify a Discord profile. Although technically name/tag combinations are unique, Discord allows special characters to be used that render just like english letters to be used, meaning it can be almost impossible to distinguish a difference. Scammers often abuse that and copy, what appears to be, exactly the name, tag, description, and even profile picture of a staff member. SecurityBot prevents this by reserving tags. Anytime someone joins with a reserved tag, or changes their current tag to a reserved one, SecurityBot will notify you.

Reserve a Tag

You can easily toggle a tag as reserved/unreserved with one command.

Command: /reserve_tag [tag] Example: /reserve_tag tag:0001

There are only 10,000 possible tags, so it isn't rare to be using the same tag as someone else. Because of that, users using a reserved tag will NOT be kicked automatically. You will always receive a notification in your logs channel, so keep an eye on that!

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