Why SecurityBot

Worry less, build more.

Running an NFT project or a crypto business can be expensive, time consuming, and difficult. So why pay for a scam prevention tool? Short answer: scammers hate us, projects love us. SecurityBot means you don't have to constantly monitor every single channel in your server for scam messages, allowing you to focus on building. Just one scam can be so costly to a project's reputation and community. Don't play catchup against the scammers, be prepared with SecurityBot. Don't just take our word for it, check out just some of amazing feedback we get from actual users regularly!

SecurityBot is an extremely necessary tool if you are looking to build a project in the NFT space. It will make your team's lives easier x100. - Doctor, lead support engineer at JPG Store

SecurityBot is a great asset to the Clay Nation discord, it helps eliminate bot attacks, and allows us to flag and ban scammers across all servers protected by SecurityBot with a simple command. I consider having this bot in our server a superpower!

- LallyMcClay, Community Manager at Clay Nation

If you want to protect your community, you're at the right place. Every serious project should have [SecurityBot]. - Aerokrator, Community Mod at Equine

Security bot has become a necessity for our discord that has proven time and time again to keep us safe. We've been able to detect and prevent thousands of scammers from potentially harming our community and we are forever grateful! - Keeper, co founder of Smooth Yeti Mountain Club

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