Shill Filter

Shillers gonna shill...

Shillers - they're everywhere in web3! While most of the time they are just a nuisance, sometimes they can be malicious, sharing dangerous Discord servers with malicious bots or promoting rug pulls or other scams. SecurityBot gives you options to handle these shills. With SecurityBot, you can either let the shillers roam free, restrict them completely, or only allow them to shill in a specific channel.

This feature is OFF by default

To enable this feature, use the command /settings view and click the "Block Shills" button.

Allow Shilling in a "Shill Channel"

Most communities don't want shillers spamming their community channels, but they allow shilling in a specified "shill channel". SecurityBot allows you to restrict shills to that channel automatically. As you type the command, Discord will provide a list of applicable channels to pick from. Command: /settings shill_channel channel:[channel]

If the shill filter is enabled and there is no shill channel set, shills in all channels will be deleted.

Allow Invites to a Server

There are many cases that you may want to allow Discord invites to specific servers. With SecurityBot, you can allow invites to a specific server without disabling the shill filter. Discord invites to an allowed server will be allowed anywhere, not just the shill channel.

Command: /allow_invite invite:[ invite link]

SecurityBot will automatically detect the server the invite is for, and allow ALL invites to that Discord, not just the specific link you've allowed.

View all Allowed Server Invites

View a complete list of all allowed server invites. Command: /view_all embed:Allowed Invites

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