Hard for bots, easy for people!

In Discord, it's important to have a verification system to ensure spam-bots don't spam your community channels. Many verification systems use reaction emojis to assign roles, but spam-bot developers have figured out ways to automate verification with that system. SecurityBot uses a brand new verification method that is easy for people, but much harder for bots. SecurityBot's verification happens in a single channel, and assigns a specified role upon successful verification.

All verification activity will create a new log in the SecurityBot log channel, so you can easily keep track of new members and catch any bots easily.

You do NOT need to use SecurityBot verification to use other SecurityBot features. SecurityBot is compatible with ANY other verification bot.

Setup Verification

Verification takes only three simple steps to set up.

Step 1: Verify Role

Verification requires a role to be assigned. Once a new member completes verification, they will be automatically assigned this role.

Command: /settings verify_role [role] Example: /settings verify_role role:@Member

Step 2: Verify Channel

Verification happens in a specific channel in your server. This channel should be one of, if not the only, channel accessible to unverified members.

Command: /settings verify_channel [channel] Example: /settings verify_channel channel:#verify

Step 3: Send Embed

Once you've set up the verify role and channel, you're ready to go. In order to start using SecurityBot verification use the /settings view command and click the "Send Embed" button under the verification embed.

Command: /settings view

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