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How to purchase a SecurityBot Subscription
Purchasing a SecurityBot Subscription is easy as 1-2-3!
Head to to get started

1. Pick

Choose the subscription length that fits your project and budget the best. Here are the available subscription lengths and costs:
  • 1 Month - 50 ADA
  • 3 Months - 120 ADA (20% OFF)
  • 12 Months - 360 ADA (40% OFF)

2. Pay

Send the ADA to pay for your subscription length to the $securitybot ADA handle. Be sure to hang on to your transaction hash!
What is a transaction hash? A transaction hash, sometimes called transaction ID or tx ID, is a unique identifier of a transaction on the Cardano blockchain. It is a long string of lowercase letters and numbers. Example: a4439288da5ea319e952e971fa1293de356e8df9f8fc4dd87c24634c263afbb5

3. Submit

Enter your server and transaction information to complete your subscription purchase! First, enter a valid invite to your Discord. Please be sure that your Discord server name appears under the text box after entering the valid invite link. Enter the transaction hash you saved from step two, read and agree to the terms of service, and submit. Optionally, you can also enter an email address to receive an email receipt for your SecurityBot subscription purchase.