Scammer Filter

Stop scams before they even happen

In the crypto and NFT communities, the same scammers often attack dozens of communities daily, stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies and NFTs with ease. SecurityBot puts an end to these repeated scammers for good, automatically banning known scammers before they can attack your community.

Scammers are banned the INSTANT they join your server, ensuring they can't even send a single message. If a scammer is marked as a known scammer after they have already joined your community, they are banned during the next purge, automatic or manually triggered.

The Scammer Filter is ON by default, but can be turned off in your settings.

Flag a Scammer

If you've discovered a scammer in your community, you can flag them to help contribute to the known scammer database. If there is a SecurityBot log pertaining to them, you can simply click the "Flag as Scammer" button below the log embed. If they have not done any activity that has been stopped by SecurityBot, you can use the flag user command. Flagging a user will also ban them from your server.

Command: /flag_user [user] Example: /flag_user user:@Scammer

Please note that a flag cannot be removed from a user once it has been added. Although a flag is permanent, a ban can always be removed through the Discord server settings.

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