Name Blocker

SecurityBot can automatically block scammers from using specified names as usernames or nicknames in your server. Any user that is found using a blocked name will be kicked from the server. Any user that uses a blocked name as a nickname will have their nickname removed.

Block a Name

SecurityBot will block both nicknames (server level) and usernames (Discord level) with one command. All blocked names are case insensitive.

Command: /block_nick [name] Example: /block_nick name:JSHy

Blocked names are NOT applied retroactively! If a user is already using a name when you block it, they will not be kicked.

Suspicious Names

Not only will SecurityBot block all nicknames and names you've blocked, but also notify you about any nicknames or names that are suspiciously similar to blocked names. Scammers will often use special characters that appear identical to english letters in Discord to copy exactly a person's discriminator and their name. The suspicious names notifications will handle that for you!

Users with nicknames or names suspiciously similar will not be removed from the server automatically. Keep an eye on the SecurityBot logs!

Pattern Blocking

SecurityBot supports blocking names and nicknames by patterns. Block any name or nickname that starts with, ends with, or contains a specific string. The + symbol is used to signify any number of other characters. Pattern blocking is also case insensitive, but suspicious names likely will not be triggered by blocked patterns.

SecurityBot Pattern Guide

PatternSyntaxExample Blocked Names

Name starts with string

/block_nick name:SecurityBot+



securitybot staff

Name ends with string

/block_nick name:+notifications

Claymates notifications SPACEBUDZ NOTIFICATIONS

Name contains string

/block_nick name:+support+

support bot


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