Bot Purges

Scammers often use Discord bot attacks to send mass DM scams to your community, or to spam your channels with scam messages. SecurityBot handles that issue by offering regular, automatic purges. Automatic purges will automatically kick any unverified member (any member without any roles) every 30 minutes. This helps ensure that your community is rid of dangerous bots, and your Discord numbers are accurate to your real, engaging community. Purging works with ANY role based verification Discord bot, you do not have to use the SecurityBot verification system to use purges.

Purges will not kick anyone who joined the server within the last 5 minutes, to allow users time to verify themselves.

Enable Bot Purges

To enable automatic purges, click the "Enable Purges" button in the settings view menu. Command: /settings view

Manual Purges

There may be a situation where you want to run a manual purge at a specific moment. You can run a manual purge with or without automatic purges enable.

Command: /purge

Before enabling automatic purges, or running a manual one, please be sure that you don't have a significant number of active members with no roles. If you do, add a verification system and push them to verify before enabling this feature.

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