SecurityBot is the most feature rich scam prevention Discord bot in web3

SecurityBot takes scam prevention seriously, which is why we offer the most advanced and feature feature rich scam prevention Discord bot available in web3.

Prevent Impersonation

Scammers often attempt to impersonate staff members, Discord bots, or other important Web3 community members to trick victims into trusting them. With SecurityBot's name blocking, avatar protection, and discriminator reservation, you can be sure that you are the only you in the server. Want to take it a step further? SecurityBot has pattern matching, allowing you to prevent names from starting with, ending with, or containing a specific value. You will also receive alerts about names and avatars that are suspiciously similar to blocked names or protected avatars.

Customizable Chat Filters

Forget about fake address drops, malicious phishing links, fake Discord invites, and more with SecurityBot! SecurityBot can filter messages containing ADA/EVM addresses, clickable links, Discord shills, and ADA Handles to keep your community safe, but also allows you to whitelist specific trusted values.

Have channels or categories you don't want SecurityBot's chat filters to monitor? You can easily ignore specific channels or all channels in a category.

Known Scammer Network

Scammers usually attack server after server, claiming victims everywhere they can. SecurityBot maintains a network of known scammers and automatically bans them from your server when they try to join. Once a scammer has scammed once, they should be kept away from the community.

Bot Purging

SecurityBot can automatically purge bots from your community every 30 minutes, ensuring your community is only filled with genuine members. This will also greatly reduce the number of spam/scams direct messages your community receives from your server. Any member that hasn't been verified will automatically be removed, while leaving real members untouched.

In-Channel Captcha Verification

Get the security benefits of advanced captcha verification, without the risks of external websites and malicious bots. SecurityBot provides a captcha verification process that is done entirely within the Discord server itself. Many captcha verification bots lead you to external websites, which allow hackers to impersonate them and share phishing links. Make it harder for bots to join without compromising your community.

Channel Locks

As unfortunate as they are, Discord account hacks happen. Secure your important channels with a secondary password to ensure that even if your account is compromised, the hackers cannot post malicious announcements. Combine this with cold admin accounts and greatly mitigate the impact of a Discord breach.

Webhook Monitoring

Webhooks are very powerful tools in Discord, but they can also be very dangerous when put in the wrong hands. SecurityBot will constantly monitor your server's webhooks and alert to you any newly created or modified webhooks. Easily remove any suspicious or malicious webhooks in SecurityBot's logs.

Quality Logs

SecurityBot keeps a clear and informative log of all the SecurityBot activity in your server, with simple ways to punish scammers. Easily keep track of all SecurityBot activity 24/7, and respond in real-time.

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