Address Filter

SecurityBot will automatically detect and delete any Cardano or Ethereum addresses posted in your server to help prevent flash mint scams.

Allow an Address

There are many instances where you will want certain addresses to be allowed in your server. Whether it's your community wallet, project fund wallet, or something else, there is no reason to block those. Fortunately, you can easily allow certain addresses to be sent without disabling the filter all together. Command: /allow_address address:[address]

Example: /allow_address address:addr1q9wf6ua4xu75fwh8nue8u8upw54ls3zt7nrtp03879ua9cnkd638nkl7u2tg0ypc6j7p5wde9fydkkymg5hvyfflfrdszj934l

The /allow_addresscommand will toggle the address as allowed! If it is allowed, it will no longer be allowed, and vice versa.

View all Allowed Addresses

View a complete list of all allowed Cardano or Ethereum addresses. Command: /view_all embed:Allowed Addresses

Disable Address Filters

The address filters are enabled by default, but can be disabled through the menu with the /settings view command. Click the "Allow Cardano Addresses" or "Allow EVM Addresses" to disable the respective address filters.

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