Avatar Protection

SecurityBot allows you to protect specific members' avatars from being used in your server. SecurityBot automatically protects the current avatar of any protected member, even if they update it after you begin protecting them.

Any user that joins or switches their avatar to a protected avatar will be kicked from the server.

Toggle an Avatar as Protected

The same command is used to protect a member's avatar and to stop protecting a member's avatar. If it is currently unprotected, the member's avatar will be protected. If it is protected, it will become unprotected.

Command: /protect_avatar user:[@USER] Example: /protect_avatar user:@JSHy

Protected avatars are NOT applied retroactively. If a user is already using an avatar when it's protected, it is not blocked.

Suspicious Avatars

SecurityBot will also alert you to avatars that are very similar to a protected avatar. It does this with a pixel to pixel comparison. They will not automatically be punished, but there are buttons in the logs to easily punish these users if they are malicious. Scammers will often use a screenshot of a staff member's avatar to impersonate them, so while it may not be an exact match, the pixel content is very similar. These are very likely to be caught by the suspicious avatars filter.

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