ADA Handle filter

ADA Handles have become vital to the Cardano ecosystem, it makes it much easier to identify a specific wallet in a memorable way. Unfortunately, some users have minted the names of projects, or very similar names, maliciously in an attempt to impersonate the real project and scam the community. SecurityBot will automatically block any real (minted) ADA Handle from being posted.

This filter is ON by default To toggle on or off the ADA Handle filter use the command: /settings block_handles

Allow an ADA Handle

If your project has specific ADA Handles that you want to allow to be shared, you can do so without endangering the community. Command: /allow_handle handle:[ADA Handle]

Example: /allow_handle handle:$securitybot

The /allow_handle command will toggle the ADA Handle as allowed! If it is allowed, it will no longer be allowed, and vice versa.

View all Allowed ADA Handles

View a complete list of all allowed ADA Handles

Command: /view_all embed:Allowed Handles

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